Fiat 500 POP
Fiat 500 POP
Published March/April 2016

10 Convertibles to Fit Any Budget

It's more fun to drive with the top down

BYJim Prueter
With spring and warm days upon us, this driver’s fancy turns to convertibles. There’s nothing like the wind in your hair, the sun on your skin, and the smell of nature to put a smile on your face. If you’re looking to add some top-down thrills to your life, I’ve targeted some convertibles to fit your needs. Whether it’s for weekend getaways or year-round fun, there are plenty of models offering sportiness, performance, and luxury at prices suited to most budgets.
1. Fiat 500 Pop
Base price: $20,000
It’s hard to beat the funky, retro styling and price of the 500 micro convertible. Zipping around town, it’s easy to drive and park. It’s not a normal convertible because the bodywork around the doors and windows stays in place. It seats four and is surprisingly roomy up front. Like a bowl of jellybeans, it comes in a large selection of bright colors.
2. Jeep Wrangler
Base price: $23,895
Most won’t think of a Jeep Wrangler as a convertible, but it comes standard with a manual folding soft top. With world-class off-road capabilities, this might be the best bargain convertible on the market. It certainly delivers the most outdoor fun.
3. Mazda MX-5 Miata Sport
Base price: $24,915
Completely redesigned for 2016, the Miata is loaded with safety and convenience features. The two-seat roadster also has more room for passengers and better visibility. It has ample power, aggressive handling, and one of the easiest tops, which can be put up and down in a matter of seconds.
4. Volkswagen Beetle
Base price: $25,490
With room for four, the Beetle drop top pays proper homage to its iconic past with a thoroughly modern mix of fun, practicality, performance, safety, and great looks inside and out. I like that the instrument panel is the same color as the car. Very cool.
5. Ford Mustang
Base price: $29,395
Nothing is more Americana than driving a Mustang convertible with the top down. It never fails to immediately turn heads. And from the 435-horsepower GT to the 300-horsepower V-6, the Mustang is no slouch.
Jeep Wrangler
Jeep Wrangler
Volkswagen Beetle
Volkswagen Beetle
Ford Mustang
Ford Mustang
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