Published May/June 2011

13 Tips for Traveling Safely

Don't forget about personal safety when in the care-free vacation mindset

Whether traveling domestically or abroad, AAA urges travelers to be diligent about their personal security and surroundings. After all, it is all too easy to adopt the “care-free vacation mind-set” and forget about personal safety. 
1. Consult a quality travel agent.
2. Copy documents such as credit cards, itineraries, emergency contact information and important phone numbers.
3. Keep in touch. Leave copies of important documents with a reliable person who can be contacted in the event your documents are lost or stolen. 
4. Read the news or watch TV on a regular basis to stay up on current events around the globe.
5. Be aware of what is going on around you at all times. 
6. Don’t leave bags unattended at any time. 
7. Carry medical information with you. 
8. Consider investing in travel insurance, which will cover some costs of travel and cancellation, and assistance in case of an emergency.
9. Heed all travel warnings and advice. 
10. Contact the U.S. Embassy when needed.
11. Familiarize yourself with local laws and customs.
12. Fill out the emergency information page in your passport so authorities are better able to help you in an emergency.
13. Consider getting an International Driving Permit (IDP) through AAA. 
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