4 Auto Glass Myths, and the Truth Behind Them

BYKaren Hewell
Is your car ready for the summer months? Warmer weather causes auto glass to expand, making it more fragile and prone to damage, which can be devastating to an already damaged windshield. It’s important to take the necessary precautions to make sure your auto glass is in good shape before summer starts. Interestingly, there are a lot of common misconceptions about when to replace or repair cracked glass that cause people stall on attending to their auto glass needs. Here, AAA Auto experts share the myths they hear most often — and the truth behind them.
Myth #1: Getting Your Windshield Replaced is Expensive
The truth: Despite popular belief, getting your windshield replaced or repaired doesn’t have to be expensive. In Arizona, many insurance policies offer zero deductible windshield replacements, which means your windshield replacement might not cost you a cent. Most insurance companies will cover windshield replacements as long as a crack is the size of a dollar bill or larger. Plus, repairing a crack before it gets worse will save you even more costly repairs down the road.
Myth #2: Windshield Quick-Fixes are Cheaper
The truth: It’s tempting to assume that you can save a large chunk of money by employing a DIY approach to fixing your windshield. However, home windshield repair kits could cost you much more in the long run because they often contain resin of the wrong viscosity, which can cause blurring. Another common problem is applying too much pressure to the windshield during the repair, which can make the problem worse. It’s unlikely that professionals can fix this mistake, which results in a total replacement due to an issue that could have been solved with a simple repair. Rather than risking making the problem worse, contact a professional for a permanent, reliable solution.
Myth #3: A Small Chip Won’t Jeopardize My Safety
The truth: Although most chips and cracks look the same, there are actually six different types of chips and cracks. Depending on which you have on your windshield, it could have varying risk of spreading and becoming dangerous to you and your passengers, especially if you are in an accident. Let a professional identify whether or not your windshield needs to be replaced or if a simple repair will suffice.
Myth #4: Even a Small Chip Means I Need My Entire Windshield Replaced
The truth: Not all chips and cracks and created equal. Some cracks are bound to become larger issues and can’t be fixed with a simple repair. However, some cracks and chips require only a quick and easy fix by a professional. Always consult an auto glass technician.
KAREN HEWELL is a contributing writer for AAAHighroads.com.
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