Published March/April 2012

5 Cruise Essentials

What to pack for your international voyage

Here are our top five must-haves to pack before shoving off to overseas adventures:
1. Photo ID and passport or visa
Cruising to countries such as China, Australia, and Russia requires a visa. Contact a AAA travel agent to ask about necessary documentation, and allow four to six weeks to process. 
2. Medicine
Refill prescriptions, and carry a list of medications and a vaccination certificate (if required). Also, consider medical travel insurance, as personal medical insurance may not cover trips abroad.
3. Money
Traveler’s checks and one or two major credit cards should suffice. Keep copies of your cards (in case lost) in a secure location and call the credit card companies to alert them that you are traveling outside your normal area.
4. Multi-outlet extension cord
Include a small extension cord with multiple outlets in your travel bag. Some electrical devices have large, boxy plugs that might not fit the space given by outlets on ship.
5. Travel alarm clock
Not all rooms will have an alarm clock. If you want to keep a schedule, be sure to include one in your bag. Some models automatically adjust to the time zone, so you don’t have to.
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