Auto Insurance Rates on the Rise

How you can still save despite the traffic trends

BYKaren Hewell
Did you know 2015 was the most heavily traveled year in history, with drivers logging a collective 3 trillion miles on the country’s odometer? It’s all thanks to an improving economy, steady job growth, and record-low gas prices. All this combined puts more drivers on the road for their work commutes and vacations. 
As you might expect, with more drivers on the road, more traffic accidents are likely to occur — resulting in more claims to auto insurance providers. Because many of those cars and their computer systems are newer and more expensive, it costs insurance companies more to repair or replace them. When you factor in rising litigation fees and medical bills, insurance expenses are driven even higher.
As a result, insurance companies around the country are adjusting their monthly premiums across the board to cover the extra cost. So, next time you renew your auto insurance, you might be paying a higher monthly premium even if you haven’t recently been in an accident. 
Thankfully there are still plenty of ways to save on your auto insurance. AAA Insurance experts offer several great tips for keeping your rates in check.
  • Meet with your insurance agent to review your policy and make sure you’re taking advantage of any available discounts. You could be eligible for special savings if you’ve completed driver training programs or if you insure multiple vehicles. 
  • If you own a home, consider bundling your auto and home insurance for more savings. Plus, bundling life insurance could increase your multi-policy discount. 
  • Keep an eye on your credit standing. If your credit score is high, many insurance companies consider you to be a lower risk to insure and you may be able to tap into additional discounts.
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