Published September/October 2015

Baby Boomers, Act Now!

Use this checklist to ensure your financial future is set

Sixty-five will be here before you know it. This is the age when you most likely will become eligible for Medicare. Start making decisions now that will impact your finances and healthcare in the years to come. Make sure to mark off the items from AAA’s checklist before or shortly after your 65th birthday. 

Medicare Part A and Part B: Enroll in Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B. Almost everyone age 65 and older is eligible, and you can find out more about the differences at

Medicare Supplement plans: Take time to understand the many options available for Medicare Supplement plans, as well as any gaps not covered by Medicare. For example, if you purchase a supplement plan during your initial enrollment period, typically at age 65, any current medical conditions are accepted, but once you pass your initial enrollment period, you may be subject to health underwriting, even during open enrollment periods. 

Social Security planning: Evaluate your Social Security options to learn the best time to start collecting, when to delay for higher benefits, and more. Start planning your Social Security benefits early because once you start collecting, it is difficult to make any adjustments. 

Long-term care: Look into long-term care insurance, which provides benefits for care services received at home or in an assisted living facility not covered by Medicare or Medicaid. Also, learn more about hybrid policies as they can provide a combination of options in one policy, including: long-term care benefits, death benefits, and cash value. 

IRA and 401(k) rollovers: Look at ways to protect your savings by rolling your 401(k) or IRA into a secure investment, with no fees or exposure of risk to your principal. Plus, learn how to turn your retirement savings into lifetime income. 

Final expense insurance: Explore final expense insurance. Having a small life insurance policy in place to cover your funeral costs or outstanding debt will go a long way in protecting your family in their time of need.  

AAA Financial Services: Call a professional. A AAA Financial Services agent can explain all the choices available to you for Medicare Supplement plans, how to evaluate your Social Security prior to applying for it, options for long-term care and hybrid policies, and review options for protecting your retirement.
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