Published May/June 2015

Battery Breakdown

Warning signs that your battery may be near its end

As summer approaches and temperatures soar, so does the number of dead batteries across Arizona. In fact, battery failure is among the top calls AAA receives year-round for roadside assistance.   
The best way to avoid a battery failure is to be vigilant and have your battery tested on a routine basis. Here are some warning signs that you are at risk for a battery-related breakdown:
  • Your vehicle cranks slowly when trying to start.
  • You hear a grinding, clicking, or buzzing when you turn on the ignition.
  • Your battery is more than three years old. 
The average life of a battery in Arizona is 30 months, but driving conditions, climate, and lack of maintenance can shorten a battery’s life span. Routinely testing your battery and staying on top of maintenance can help prevent you from being stranded due to battery failure.
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AAA is the only company that offers on-the-spot battery testing, sales, and installation. Download and register the AAA Mobile® app at to request roadside assistance and instant battery quotes.
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