Cruise Control

Are you considering going on a cruise but worried about the effect it might have on your waistline? Worry not. These days, cruise lines offer plenty of healthy options for dining, plus you can stay in control and have fun by following these simple tips. 
1. Find your balance. Yes, decadence abounds, but there are healthy options aboard. Follow the 80:20 rule by making healthy choices 80 percent of the time and not worrying the other 20 percent. 
2. Choose the spa menu at lunch. Have a healthy lunch, allowing for a more indulgent dinner. 
3. Take advantage of the fresh, local seafood. You’ll likely have some great options both on and off the ship. Most ships offer a catch of the day from the port of call, too.
4. Avoid the all-you-can-drink package. Opt for wine with dinner, and if you really want an “umbrella drink,” treat that like a dessert and stick to just one.
5. Pack your sneakers. There’s no reason to abandon your hard work at the gym. Hit the fitness center or take advantage of the outdoor track. Skip the elevator and take the stairs, too, for an extra boost to your step count. Or consider taking a walking excursion when in port to get a better view while sightseeing.
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