AAA commercial auto insurance
May/June 2016

Driving Your Business Forward

Does your business need commercial auto insurance?

A common question among the self-employed is, “Do I need commercial auto insurance, or is my personal auto policy enough?” While only you and your agent know exactly what’s best for your unique needs, AAA Insurance experts say you need commercial auto insurance if the vehicle:
  • has a business name and/or signage displayed;
  • is owned or leased by the business;
  • is used for transportation services;
  • has special equipment installed;
  • or is used for food delivery services.
Some insurers offer a “for business use” endorsement on personal auto policies, but any of the above factors could disqualify you from this coverage. However, most commercial policies can be tailored to fit your needs.
Are You Covered?
To make sure you have the right coverage, visit or call a AAA Commercial Insurance agent toll-free at 1-866-454-1005.

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