Published November/December 2012

Haunted Hide-and-Seek

A nighttime visit to Bisbee offers interaction with the residents of both yesterday and today

BYLaura Stoddard
The streets of historic Bisbee teem with eclectic, amiable citizens, ready to welcome you into their quirky, artsy, maze-like town. These locals number about 6,000. But that’s only if you count the living residents. Beneath the surface, an entirely different group of colorful locals wanders about town — miners, children, and ladies of the night. Many of these spirits-of-the-past go undetected or leave behind only residual energy, while others actively attempt to make contact. The best opportunity to encounter these specters is on the Ghost Hunt of Old Bisbee.
Before the four-hour hunt begins, participants are introduced to a barrage of specialized equipment and instructed on the use of each. Digital recorders for collecting EVPs (electronic voice phenomena), infrared and digital cameras, digital thermometers, EMF (electro-magnetic field) detectors, and K2 meters, which light up when entities are close.
The walking tour covers several blocks of town and four separate locations, the pace set by the amount of activity discovered at each locale. One stop includes the original post office, where residents, both past and present, may come to collect mail. Another stop is City Park, once a graveyard, now a colorful, well-maintained playground, where ghost children reportedly play. At the park, trigger objects, such as bouncy balls and jacks, are used to entice the children closer as you conduct your first EVP session. In the craft shop Bliss-bee, a man in 18th century Sunday dress is said to stand protectively in the corner. Could this be the proprietor of the mortuary that once occupied the building?
But the fun doesn’t stop at the end of the investigation. All data collected are sent on a DVD to participants for analysis. Any findings of paranormal activity can then be shared on a private blog, just for the members of that hunt.
LAURA STODDARD is a staff writer at Highroads
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If You Go
Ghost Hunt of Bisbee: Tours run one Saturday of each month, beginning at 6:30 p.m.
Cost: $40 per person, limited to 10 guests
Reservations required: Call 520-432-3308 or email
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