July/August 2016

Helping Seniors Stay Sharp

AAA offers a bevy of resources for older drivers. Bookmark SeniorDriving.AAA.com, an online resource that offers information and advice for mature drivers and their families. Find out how you can start a conversation about driving with a loved one or address common aging issues while maintaining your independence. The site also features RoadWise Rx, a free and confidential tool developed by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety that adults can use to explore how medications can affect safe driving. 
Also, find out how registering for a RoadWise Driver workshop could help you save on auto insurance. It’s for people 55 or older who would like to sharpen their driving skills, learn about Arizona-specific laws, and more.
AAA also offers two computer-based programs that can help seniors improve driving skills. Lifelong Driver is an engaging program that includes realistic driving simulations to quickly sharpen driving skills, and DriveSharp is a program clinically proven to help drivers see more, react faster, and cut crash risk by up to 50 percent.
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Register for a RoadWise Driver workshop. Phoenix: 602-650-2700, ext. 2942; Tucson: 520-258-0518. Or find out more about AAA Traffic Safety courses at AAA.com/trafficsafety.
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