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Published November/December 2015

Put Your Car in Capable Hands

Why it’s important to use an ASE-certified technician

BYDeEtte Person
Looking for an honest, skilled, knowledgeable mechanic? Of course you are. Who isn’t? One thing that can make all the difference in finding the right mechanic is ensuring yours maintains ASE certification. The National Association for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) grants this designation to those who have passed a rigorous examination to ensure industry proficiency. Here are three reasons you’ll want to use an ASE-certified technician for your auto repairs.  
They know their stuff. ASE testing includes more than 40 exams to choose from in specialties such as automobile, collision repair, and medium/heavy truck — all of which are difficult and comprehensive. Those who pass more than one exam can qualify for ASE master status. Mechanics must be retested every five years, so they’re always up on the latest trends and technology. 
Ethics are a hallmark of certification. Not only do ASE-certified mechanics meet a minimum standard of practice, their service also is backed by a commitment to ethical practices. They take pride in their work and treat customers honestly and fairly. 
You’ll have peace of mind. Car issues are stressful. When a repair shop has invested in training and ongoing education for its technicians, you can rest easy knowing you’re receiving the highest level of expertise and care for your vehicle. 
DeETTE PERSON is a Scottsdale-based writer who loves to seek out local flavors and take the back roads wherever she travels.
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