Published September/October 2014

Tip-Top Shape: Tips for Auto Maintenance

Follow these three tips to keep your car in check

BYChelsea Young
Knowledge is power when it comes to getting the most from your car. AAA Auto Repair Centers Operations Manager, Frank Goodwin, gives us the scoop on preventive maintenance.
Follow your manual. Once cars became equipped with electronic ignition and electronic fuel injection, they no longer needed traditional tune-ups; rather, they simply need regular maintenance according to the vehicle’s manual. To help your vehicle live its best and longest life, follow your manual’s maintenance schedule.
Account for “severe” conditions. Manufacturers produce standard and severe service schedules, and most vehicle manuals include both. Arizona’s hot climate, frequent short trips, dusty or muddy conditions, towing a trailer, and driving at low speeds (versus a highway) also qualify your car for severe service maintenance.
Stay a step ahead. If your car’s manual points you to a dealer, remember dealerships often have pre-packaged services that differ from the manufacturer’s recommendations. Dealerships are independently owned businesses. Before you purchase a maintenance service, make sure it aligns with the actual manufacturer’s maintenance schedule for your car.

CHELSEA YOUNG is the associate editor of Highroads.
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