July/August 2016

Top Places to Stretch Your Dollar

2016 is a good travel year for the budget-conscious. Favorable exchange rates and overall affordability can get you more for your money all over the world. Here are six destinations where your dollar will go further this year, according to our AAA Travel experts:
  • Canada — The Canadian dollar tumbled to around 75 cents last year. That means you can mentally mark everything down 25 percent.
  • Western Europe — Among the most affordable cities to visit: Santorini, Greece; Tenerife, Spain; Lisbon, Portugal; and Naples, Italy.
  • South Africa — If a safari is on your bucket list, take a look now. Your dreams just might soon come true.
  • Australia — Sure, flights are pricey, but once you arrive, the strong U.S. dollar will serve you well.
  • China — Last year’s massive stock market crash is still slowing things down, according to the 2016 Travel Price Index. 
  • Russia — Plagued by a deep recession and plunging oil prices, Russia can give you almost twice as much for your dollar, due to its dramatically undervalued currency.
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