Published March/April 2013

Travel Missteps

A travel professional helps you avoid trip mistakes

Many travelers are hard at work planning the perfect summer getaway. But are they costing themselves more money than they realize? Travel agent Kathy Cox reveals how to avoid the top five travel missteps:
1. Waiting. Last-minute planning has the potential to increase airfare costs by several hundred dollars per person. To get the best deals, make all travel reservations at least four to six weeks in advance.
2. Overlooking travel insurance. Without an insurance policy, you could be out the entire cost of a trip if something prevents you from traveling. Consult an agent to find the right coverage to protect your investment from unforeseen circumstances.
3. Disregarding discounts. Even seemingly small incentives, such as free parking or breakfast, can save travelers around $50 per day. Research and take advantage of valuable discounts, such as those that come with being a AAA member.
4. Failing to inspect a rental car. Before signing paperwork, look over your car inside and out, ensuring any damage incurred by the previous renter is noted in the rental agreement.
5. Forgetting to factor in fees. Fees can stretch the cost of your trip far beyond the base airfare and hotel rate. Ask ahead of time about charges for overweight bags, resort fees, and parking when booking a trip.
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