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Published March/April 2015

Traveler Beware

Brush up on some quirky international laws

Traveling abroad? Make sure you’re familiar with the local laws, some of which are quite amusing.
Paris, France, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Don’t let romance get the best of you. It’s illegal to kiss on a French railway or in any public place in Dubai. 
London, England: Sending a postcard? If your stamp shows an image of the queen, make sure she’s right side up. Otherwise, it could be considered an act of treason. 
Amsterdam, Netherlands: Smoking tobacco in a public place is banned. Curiously, it’s perfectly legal to smoke pure cannabis, as long as it’s in a designated coffee shop. 
Milan, Italy: Keep that smile on your face. In Milan, it is a legal requirement to smile at all times. The only exceptions? Funerals and hospital visits. 
Singapore: Need to freshen up your breath? Stick to mints. Chewing gum is illegal. 
A bit closer to home, make sure you and your guests are familiar with one of Arizona’s unique local laws: It’s illegal to destroy or steal a native cactus, including the majestic saguaro. 
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