Published September/October 2012

Traveling Off-Season

A travel professional answers FAQs on low-season trips

Imagine more room to stretch out your beach blanket, less time spent waiting in line at museums, and easier access to restaurants, shops, and event tickets. There are many benefits to traveling off-season, but perhaps the greatest is the diminished crowds.
And with fewer visitors come greater deals: two-for-ones, discounts, and even some freebies. AAA travel expert Christopher Biehn offers three steps to successfully finding the right low-season destination.
1. Visit tourist bureau websites to find out about local low-travel periods and for available promotions and offers for off-season travelers.
2. Discover destination conditions for your time of travel. Some places have slow periods for a reason, typically unfavorable weather. Rainy months, 100-plus temperatures, or the threat of hurricanes may not warrant the additional savings.
3. Speak with a travel professional for information regarding hotel renovations, planned construction, and days/hours of operation.
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