Vacations = Work Productivity
May/June 2016

Vacations = Work Productivity

How a vacation can make you better at your job

BYDeEtte Person
According to a 2015 Oxford Economics Assessment of paid time off, more than 42 percent of American employees leave an average of eight days of unused vacation time on the table. While it may seem counterintuitive, time off actually can make you more, not less, productive. Here are a few ways a holiday can make you better at your job: 
  • A change in perspective allows you to see new solutions. Giving your brain a break to see things in a different light — a new food, an unfamiliar language, or even just a change in routine — can give you the kick-start you need to address work issues. 
  • Taking time away to renew and refocus also can be re-energizing. A 2011 Intuit study showed that 82 percent of small business owners who took a vacation experienced an increase in job performance upon their return. 
  • Travel often pushes your limits and gives you new inspiration to become more creative. 
So, take a break and enjoy — guilt-free!
DeETTE PERSON is a Scottsdale-based writer who loves to seek out the local flavor and take the backroads wherever she travels. 
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