Published November/December 2013

A Quick Chat with Grumpy Cat

Pet travel tips from Arizona’s favorite feline

BYKara Philp
You know her as Grumpy Cat, the Internet sensation with a famous facial expression that’s most often accompanied by a comment like, “I had fun once … it was awful.”
The sourpuss behind the snarky one-liners is Arizona’s own Tardar Sauce, who hails from Morristown (40 miles northwest of Phoenix).
We sat down with everyone’s favorite feline to ask her how she’s handling the recent fame, where her travels have taken her, and (of course) why she’s so grumpy. Here’s what she had to say:
Highroads: Congrats on all the success over the past year. To what do you attribute it?
Tardar Sauce: I attribute my success to my bright and cheery outlook on life. Not. My sour expression seems to attract the masses.
Highroads: You have a reputation for traveling in style, what is your preferred mode of transportation?
Tardar Sauce: It's all the same when you are in a comfortable bed. 
Highroads: What are some must-haves when away from home?
Tardar Sauce: Did I mention my cushy bed? If my humans forget it, there will be hell to pay. Also soft chicken kitty treats are a must-have. 
Highroads: Some things you can't live without on the road?
Tardar Sauce: Where are my soft kitty treats?!
Highroads: Do you ever travel without your owner?
Tardar Sauce: Never. My humans take great care of me and never leave my side! 
Highroads: Any advice to pet owners traveling with their pets?
Tardar Sauce: If they aren't comfortable traveling, don't make them do it. 
Highroads: Any advice to pet owners planning to leave their pets behind?
Tardar Sauce: Leave them with someone familiar and make sure they will be comfortable. 
KARA PHILP is is an associate editor at Highroads
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