Protect Yourself

Keep your identity safe when traveling
If you haven't taken advantage of AAA’s newest benefit, ProtectMyID®, which is free to members, don't wait. You'll have peace of mind knowing your identity is safe with ProtectMyID®, a part of Experian®. Free to all members who enroll, ProtectMyID Essential — a $79 value — provides daily credit monitoring, fraud resolution support, and lost wallet assistance. Or pay $8.95 a month to sign up for the Deluxe package for additional features.
And as you head out of town this summer, AAA and Experian provide the following tips to keep your identity safe while on the road.
Helpful Reminders
Checks: Leave checkbooks and checks at home, in a locked safe. The Identity Theft Resource Center (ITRC) recommends that you use cash, traveler’s checks, or credit cards for purchases.
Hotel Safes: Lock up all your valuables in room safes or hotel safes while you are out of your room. That includes laptops, jewelry, passports, and other documents that contain personal identifying information.
Vacation travelers: Remember to use a fanny pack or travel pouch, worn inside your shirt, to carry important documents or cash. This will lower your risk of falling victim to a thief waiting to ruin your vacation.
Dos and Don'ts of Digital Travel
Do set up your own Wi-Fi with a portable router & SIM card.
Don't be so social. Check-ins, photos, and tweets make it clear your home is vacant. Delay posts until you’re back.
Do choose credit over debit. Credit cards offer better fraud protection.
Don't get spoofed. Double check a site’s URL before you submit data to help avoid spoof sites.