Tips to Combat Jet Lag

Jet lag getting in the way of your fun? Here are a few tips to keep time-zone-hopping fatigue at bay.
Stay hydrated
Bring an empty water bottle to fill when you reach your gate, and continue to drink water throughout your flight. Even slight dehydration — often aggravated by the low humidity levels on an airplane — can contribute to jet lag symptoms.
Nap wisely
If it’s nighttime at your destination, try to sleep on the plane. Otherwise, fight the urge to shut your eyes. Once you arrive, don’t head to bed unless it’s nighttime.
Work out in the sun
Combining exposure to sunshine with exercise may help you adjust to your new time zone more quickly.
Plan ahead
Start to tweak your sleep schedule a few days before you depart. Eastbound travelers might try going to bed one hour earlier each night, while those heading west should stay up one hour later.