Oak Creek from L'Auberge de Sedona
A view of the red rocks overlooking Oak Creek from L'Auberge de Sedona / © Ramon Purcell of RCP Photography
Published July/August 2015

Sedona by Spa

Mind and body treatments go hand-in-hand with Sedona’s natural tranquility

BYChelsea Young
The enchanting allure of Sedona beckons nature lovers, energy healers, art admirers, and those who just want to take in the stunning scenery. While there are many ways to experience Red Rock Country, soaking it in by spa surely is one of the most relaxing ways to go about it.
No matter what Sedona spa you choose, you’ll find each offers treatments inspired by (and incorporating) Sedona’s natural surroundings and healing elements. Discover what makes three of Sedona’s most well-known spas extra special. 
Amara Spa
Nestled along Oak Creek, Amara Spa at Amara Resort and Spa provides transformative treatments in a boutique setting. The spa incorporates Sedona’s natural elements and healing energy into its services, with Sedona mud masks, sage smudging, Native American rattles, healing crystals, and essential oils of lavender, rosemary, and mint to relax and rejuvenate.
Facials, massages, body wraps, scrubs, and nail services each have a purpose — bliss, recharge, release, or glow are a handful of the terms that describe each experience.
Desert botanicals, like purifying sage and chaparral, are the stars of massages such as Rain Dance, an experience centered on tranquility and being refreshed. These desert plants also are used in the High Desert Salt Scrub and Detox Wrap, as well as in the Winds of Change massage, which also includes chakra balancing and the use of energy work.
Expand your spa rejuvenation to the great outdoors at Amara’s infinity pool, which seems to linger into and over the red rocks.
Mii amo Spa
The 70-acre Enchantment Resort is home to a Mii amo, a destination spa that overlooks enchanting Boynton Canyon, known for its sacred energy. Mii amo, which signifies “journey” in the Native American dialect of Yuman, is nestled into the natural slope of a red-rock canyon wall and takes its style and massage cues from Native American traditions, as well as inspiration from the surrounding red rocks. In fact, 11 of the treatments are offered in a private, outdoor setting with views of the red rocks.
Natural light and water, in combination with minimalist architecture, provides guests with a soothing experience before even setting foot into a treatment room. Spa experiences range from body scrubs and butter wraps that use Arizona-native ingredients like prickly pear and chaparral to a Hydrotherapy Bath and Thai reflexology to a Signature Stone Massage that uses Arizona basalt stones in a hot and cold combination to release tension.
“The entire experience at Enchantment Resort, from the spa services to the resort accommodations, is very conducive to a relaxing, meditative, and mellow experience,” says Paige Chadwick, AAA Arizona’s vice president of marketing and publisher of Highroads. “You simply cannot ask for a better setting.”
Chadwick, who stayed at Enchantment Resort with her mother, sister, and niece, says the spa’s sense of tranquility enhanced the experience with her family and helped them to enjoy each other’s company even more.
Beyond massage treatments, mindful teachings, like meditation and integrative breathing, and spiritual healings, such as reiki and astrology readings, are pillars of Mii amo’s holistic approach to health and well-being.
Spa at L’Auberge
Just south of Amara Spa, The Spa at L’Auberge is the home of tranquil mind-body treatments offered at L’Auberge de Sedona. Situated on 11 acres of forested grounds, with Oak Creek trickling through the property, the Spa at L’Auberge is a personalized and intimate setting.
“There’s an automatic dialing down of stress and anxiety just by being on the property before even walking into the spa,” says Spa Director Catherine Powers. “And some of that has to do with nature and the creek.”
Spa services incorporate natural healing elements, like lotus wei flower essence to calm the mind during the Quiet Mind treatment. Designed by a massage therapist and yoga instructor at L’Auberge, this treatment uses flower essences, breathing techniques, and acupressure so guests become more in-tune with their bodies, making the massage that follows more effective.
Other services actually incorporate Sedona’s natural elements. For example, Forest Bathing is a nature-awareness walk that aims to deepen spa-goers’ connections with nature. Or there is the Feet in the Creek treatment, during which guests are guided through a breathing exercise in the ankle-deep water of Oak Creek while a therapist performs reflexology on the feet, followed by a neck and shoulder massage. Powers says guests experience the wonder of Sedona’s outdoors: the leaves of the sycamore trees, the changing light that shines through, and the sounds of nature and birds.
A special, hands-on aspect of The Spa at L’Auberge is L’Apothecary, where guests are shown how to make their own body scrub using a stone grinder. Choose from herbs like lavender or rose petals and add in essential oils to create your own healing work of art to take home.
Sedona and its spas breathe balance into the hearts and minds of travelers. So, if you’re seeking a unique, peaceful way to experience the red rocks, Sedona by spa is your ticket to a sense of serenity unlike any other.
CHELSEA YOUNG is the associate editor of Highroads.
Amara Spa at Amara Resort and Spa / © Kimpton's Amara Resort and Spa
Amara Spa at Amara Resort and Spa / © Kimpton's Amara Resort and Spa
Mii amo Spa at Enchantment Resort / © Enchantment Resort
Mii amo Spa at Enchantment Resort / © Enchantment Resort
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