July 2016

Summer Wreaks Havoc on Cracked Windshields

Tips to protect your windshield from the heat

With temperatures passing the 100-degree mark, if you have a crack in your windshield, now might be the time to replace it. While the summer heat will not directly cause chips or cracks, it can cause existing damage to spread.
AAA sees about 20 percent more windshield repair and replacements in the summer. There is no surefire way to know if your chip will crack enough to warrant a full-on windshield replacement. With triple-digit days looming, AAA Auto experts offer four tips on protecting your car’s windshield.
1. Repair cracks: Hot temperatures cause windshields to be less stable, which puts more pressure on existing cracks or chips.
2. Be gentle: Cracking or chipping happens more often in the summer months. This is because the windshield expands in the heat, making it more fragile. Avoid slamming doors when entering or exiting the car, as this will put added pressure on the windshield.
3. Don’t blast the AC: Running your air conditioning on high will create a temperature difference between the interior and exterior, which will have a negative impact on the integrity of the windshield. The rapid change in temperature causes stress to already damaged windshields, and it’s not uncommon for cracks to lengthen when directly exposed to cold air after sitting in the sun. AAA recommends gradually increasing the setting of the air conditioner instead of immediately turning it on high.
4. Get covered: As Arizona is one of the few states that provides the option of having no deductible for glass replacement, be sure to specify you want full glass coverage when buying auto insurance.
An Easy Fix
Don’t wait to get a crack or chip fixed. AAA Mobile Auto Glass will come to you and do the replacement on site, and AAA will file the paperwork with your insurance company. For more information, visit AAA.com/autoglass.
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